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  • Transcranial Doppler what is the Transcranial Doppler?

It is an ultrasound of the intracranial arteries (and sometimes the midbrain), which provides important information about the cerebral circulatory conditions. It is a screening method for the detection of intracranial stenoses in patients who have the following risk factors: Smoking, Hypertension, Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, TIA or previous stroke, carotid atheromatosis, family history of stroke, metabolic syndrome, older than 50 years. It is also useful to evaluate patients with forgetfulness (Vascular Dementia), patients with suspected Parkinson's disease, and dizziness, fainting, syncope, vascular headaches and migraines.
What is it for?

The Bidimensional mode images can detect changes in the midbrain substantia nigra in patients with suspected Parkinson's disease. The color mapping, Power Doppler and Pulsed Doppler can detect changes in cerebral blood flow, indicating the presence of stenosis or even intracranial atheromatous. You can also give tests of cerebral vascular function reserve capacity and detection of microembolizations.
  • Colored Vascular Ecodoppler

What is it?

The ultrasound was discovered for military purposes and with the end of the 2nd World War it was used for medicine.
The great development in recent years has produced ever more sensitive probes the Color Doppler ultrasound can be used to more accurately analyze the different regions.
What is it and what it is for?

The vascular Doppler uses ultrasound to examine the arterial and venous blood vessels. Obtains images of the vessels to be examined and assesses blood flow within them, the information is displayed in the form of graphs (pulsed Doppler) or color (color coded Doppler).

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